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New Peace Corps Courses Added

I just added 24 new “Peace Corps” language courses. You can view them here. They are developed by the U.S. Peace Corps for its volunteers to learn some basic language skills before going overseas. The courses include audio and are available for download 🙂

Language Learning Roundup #2

Another edition of language learning news from around the web! Google Translate: 10 reasons why it’s no match for learning a language Modern languages are in decline at British universities. Can Google’s translation service ever fill the gap? Why learn a foreign language? Benefits of bilingualism Learning a foreign language is more than just a… Read more »

Language Learning Roundup #1

Check out the latest top news and articles from around web about languages! Multilinguals Have Multiple Personalities Flipping from one language to another can reveal a whole new you.  Match – “Hello” in 15 languages, but can you name them? A fun game from Word Dynamo.  Can you guess the different languages? 9 Little Translation Mistakes… Read more »

Mystery Language #5

Mystery Language #4

Mystery Language #3

Mystery Language #2

Mystery Language #1